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Hello Mayfield Family! It's Burger Day! There is pizza in the hot case. Wraps and dips in the cold case. Cold pop, juice and beer in the coolers. Delicious ice cream too. An FYI: a recent change. .. we are no longer serving breakfast all day. Breakfast ends at 11:15 every day now. Sorry for any Sorry ... See MoreSee Less


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I sob. Breakfast dies at 11 : 15 now. We're left in the ditches

Do you still have peanut butter fudge ice cream or something like that?

Happy Friday! Today's special is our Half pound burger. We have all your summer needs ,cold drinks ,huge menu,sunscreen ,firewood and ice so stop by and see us . Have a great day and stay cool. ... See MoreSee Less

Good morning Mayfield Family! Today's special is our Double Chicken patty sandwich for $ 6.29 with lettuce tomatoes and mayo.
your choice of cheese for .50 cents more.
Enjoy your day and Smile.
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5 years today for this little country store to be open a lot of bumps and bruises along the way but here we are TODAY!!!!!
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Congratulations! Not easy being a small business! Takes as much time, or more, than a large Corp!!!

Congratulations Sister, proud of all you have accomplished. Such a fun cool store.

Awesome! Congratulations

Love that store

The best!!

I love your store. Can't wait to visit again

Congratulations and what a great little country store we have in our small town ..great fun, great people and the best part .. great tasting food :)

Whoop Whoop. Whoop it up Sis, a great accomplishment for sure!

Congratulations!! Proof that good things come to those that bust butt to get them ❤😁💕

Happy anniversary and here is to many more happy years

You have done an excellent job Annette! And crew...

I second that

Wouldn't know what to do if we didn't have our mayfield store and family. Congrats 🤗

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